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Machine Shop in the Bayonne, NJ, Area


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Take care of the equipment you have invested so much in. Certified Products Inc., a hydraulic equipment repair shop in Jersey City, New Jersey, makes sure your machinery operates at the optimum level. Bring your domestic and foreign hydraulic equipment to our professionals for a full servicing today. We can even complete hose assemblies while you wait.

Machine Shop

The new and improve machine shop features two lathes. One with a 4.5 inch bore and a 10-foot bed. The second one has a 3inch bore with a 6-foot bed, with a Bridgeport machine and a bandsaw as well as multiple welding machines. We also stock steel and chrome rods in standard and metric sizes on site. The shop mechanics have over 40 total years of experience and can handle any challenge the customer may have.

On-Site Welding

Leave with repaired hydraulic cylinders in less than 24 hours. Our full-service machine and welding shop, including a large inventory of rods and seals, allows us to quickly perform any types of repairs or welding services on hydraulic equipment.

Top-Quality, Hydraulic Cylinder Components

Avoid shops that just "make do" with ill-fitting parts. With our wide selection of rods and seals, you never have to compromise for less than ideal. Hydraulic equipment repairs done by our technicians last an incredibly long time, because we use nothing but the finest hydraulic cylinder components to repair your equipment.
Hydraulic machinery is complicated. When something goes wrong, it can shut down an entire job site and finding the right repair parts can be difficult. That is why we make it our duty to get your equipment working again as quickly as possible.